Brigitte Gautschi - What's Behind It? 1

Brigitte Gautschi

Brigitte Gautschi’s life journey has been an exploration of her own dreams and visions. She believes in continuous self exploration and has found that it is through her creative development that she has discovered a peace that provides an artistic and spiritual freedom. Born and raised in Germany where she received her formal art training, Brigitte became a citizen of Switzerland after marrying her husband Hans. The couple’s quest for privacy and serenity brought them to Lincolnville, Maine in the mid 1980s. It is here that Brigitte’s recurring childhood dream of living in the forest amongst the animals became a reality.  She describes the mid-coast Maine area as having an inexplicable connection to her soul, a home where she has found true inner peace. All works on display at the Gautschi Center were created in Maine. Brigitte believes the subjects and techniques used in her art derive from her soul as opposed to her intellect. Whether it is landscapes or portraiture, Brigitte explains “I paint the way I feel it.” The style of the work is ever-changing and inspired by her feelings. It is Brigitte’s hope that her work can inspire emotion from the viewer and stimulate a soulful connection […]

Gail Chavenelle - Angel with Butterfly by Gail Chavenelle

Gail Chavenelle

Instead of a sheet of paper, Gail Chavenelle works with a sheet of metal – 20 gauge steel. As with paper sculpture, Gail creates three-dimensional images from a flat sheet by folding and bending a shape she cuts with either a plasma torch or a pair of tin snips. “I explore metal’s kinetic movement so pieces can bounce, fly or dance in the breeze. I love the curl as strips of metal become wild hair. I am awed as a turn of a metal head creates an intimate moment between lovers or parent and child,” says Gail. The organic quality of her pieces transcend the connotations of the medium. Instead of harsh edges, there is line and movement. It is often a wonderful mystery as where the piece begins or ends! Each design weaves into itself creating the whole. Her collection includes works in stainless steel, rusted steel and a variety of colored powder-coated finishes. For more than 15 years, Gail has celebrated love, family, success, marriage, and even loss through her sculptures. They decorate both the exceptional and common moments of our lives.

Ray Carbone - Raven Raven, Ray Carbone

Ray Carbone

Ray Carbone is a Ray Carbone is noted Downeast Maine sculptor working in wood, stone, and bronze.  Ray is an award winning sculptor and woodworker from Millbridge, Maine.  Ray feels that his work continues to evolve and is influenced by his sense of place and the rich natural environment that surrounds him.  The depth and spirituality of his work compliments the environment at the Gallery. Currently on display the Gallery is the RAVEN, a cast bronze sculpture set on a driftwood base.  This piece depicts the mystical spirit of the bird, who in many cultures is known to be the symbol of eternal life and the link between the heaven and earth. Also on display is SHELTERING WING, a cast bronze sculpture depicting a nymph or sprite from the forest. Also known for his intricate woodwork, the gallery also displays the beautiful FLIGHT OF THE TERNS.  

Joel Hokkanen - Cherry Wood Lamp with Amber Illuminated Base

Joel Hokkanen

Joel A. Hokkanen is an artist and woodworker in Rockport, Maine.  He  has been working with wood for over twenty years, ranging from fine furniture, wood sculpture, and custom home trim work to his current work with fine art lamps. Joel grew up in Maine, spending as much time as possible outdoors in the woods, mountains, and on the water.  He developed an appreciation for the natural beauty here in Maine which has continued to be an inspiration.  After high school Joel studied ecology and zoology at Connecticut College, exploring the interconnection between his two main interests – art and science.  Finding connections between the fields of art and science has been a passion and life-long pursuit. Joel studied architecture briefly at the Rhode Island School of Design, and worked after college as a wildlife biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Hawaii.  He eventually settled in California and attended U.C. Davis Veterinary School.  It was during veterinary school that he first began doing significant work with wood, enjoying finding ways to apply his surgical training to detailed sculpture and woodwork.  There was a renewed popularity of the Arts and Crafts movement in California during that time, and […]

Ray Tracey - Ray Tracey Feather Earrings

Ray Tracey

Ray Tracey is nationally known and respected as one of the most outstanding Native American jewelers. Tracey, who was raised on a Navajo reservation in Ganado, Arizona, says his designs are inspired by stories, mythology and motifs that have been passed down through Native American culture. “God blesses everyone with a variety of gifts and talents.” The Creator blessed Ray with the spirit of Creativity. Inspiration is the basis for his creative spirit. Inspiration arrives in many forms and disguises when least expected. Hiking the canyons of the Southwest, where his ancestors did the same, gives Ray a feeling of reverence. Walking in peace with gratitude and thanksgiving opens up the senses to receive ideas. Petroglyphs carved on canyon walls turns into wearable art. Stories from an ancient past are re-lived on the faces of Yei pendants. The evening sky’s transformation of color inspired the Earth and Sky jewelry line. Once while golfing, a white butterfly landed on Ray’s golf bag and accompanied him down the fairway. This incident brought the Butterfly and Dragonfly design concept to reality. Having awareness of this special gift, he aspires to know the origin. Artist Ray Tracey has had a life-long love of jewelry. As a […]

Karen Journey - Bronze Multi Leaf Set

Karen Journey

Karen Journey is a jewelry artist from Lino Lakes, Minnesota.  Her intention is to create quality jewelry that is timeless, not only appealing to the eye, but warms the heart and encourages the soul.  Whether it be from the precious stone or material used to make the jewelry or the uplifting message of encouragement, empowerment and inspiration, the intention is the offering of a gentle reminder to those who wear our jewelry how incredible they are. The artist, in her own words:  “I love the mystery of inspiration. For me, it may start with a thought or words that I find encouraging.  It may be some fantastic gemstones that seem to “speak” to me or the colors of nature. The sun on snow, a fall leaf, the melding of the ocean and sky, inspiration is everywhere. Glistening light may remind me of if insight, the color aqua of refreshment, the crimson leaf of my inner power. Nature, color, symbols, words all spark my imitation. When I design a piece of jewelry I incorporate color, movement, beauty, and a gentle message. My goal is to create unique, timeless, jewelry that looks good and also feels good.  My wish is to uplift the spirit, […]