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Brigitte Gautschi has over thirty years of experience in educating individuals in the creative process and painting technique.  The majority of her group setting programming has been offered in Switzerland, with more individual instruction offered over the years in Maine.

The group setting workshop relies on each individual’s uniqueness and perspective to enhance the diversity of the experience.  The workshops are designed for 4 to 10 students, allowing for plenty of individual attention from the instructor.  The workshops typically range from 4 to 8 hours and are designed to allow the attendee to complete the day with a sense of accomplishment with a completed painting.  Each attendee is supplied with a complete work station, consisting of a canvas and necessary materials.  The painting medium, typically oil, acrylic, pastel or watercolor is pre-determined with the workshop announcement.

Brigitte’s workshops are designed for attendees who are interested in developing their own inner artist.  This requires that the student bring with them an open mind and a sense of courage to do something new and different.  Brigitte will guide the attendees with technique, but also encourages a free spirit and most importantly a sense of enjoyment.

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Choose your inspiration. Lessons are offered in a gallery setting, in the heart of the Rockland, Maine arts district, with other works of art and the Farnsworth Art Museum as your backdrop.  Or be inspired by nature.  The Gautschi Center partners with the Ducktrap Wildlife Preserve to use Whispering Woods, a charming and rustic cabin on preserve property in Lincolnville, Maine.  The location is pre-determined with the workshop announcement.

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